What will change on May 25?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has introduced significant changes to the daily life of every organisation will come into force in a few days. Although the regulation was adopted already in 2016, only now the activities on this matter by entrepreneurs and the state institutions are reaching the hottest point. There is also a growing concern in the team of Sales.lv, as the customers, who want to know how the data regulation will affect SMS and e-mail marketing, grow in numbers. Of course we try to answer these questions as well as possible however the GDPR is a legal matter, so a precise legal advice is often required. One of the most common questions concerns opt-out options in SMS messages. Yes, the GDPR provides that every commercial communication shall include the option of opting-out of further receiving these messages. This option should also be simple and understandable. Until now opt-out options in SMS marketing in comparison to different web solutions or e-mail was not a common thing due to the limited content. Opting-out was provided when a person reported to his/her mobile communication operator or addressed the sender of the message directly. These options will still be provided, however, in order to keep the excellent efficiency of SMS marketing, and companies could use this communication channel with their customers, we have introduced a solution that will provide for various opt-out options in SMS messages. We are aware that technology and marketing communication are constantly evolving. SMS marketing is still the most effective communication channel, which allows you to transfer a guaranteed message to your audience in seconds. Data processing is an essential, constant process that cannot be stopped. The data regulation will provide better information management practices, and we will provide our customers with such practices for processing the personal data in SMS communication. To find out more about the ways to customise your SMS content according to the new requirements and to provide your customers with the option to opt out of marketing messages, contact your Sales.lv representative or fill in the contact form here.

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