Tips to start your mobile marketing campaigns

Mobile marketing has become an integral part in the marketing of businesses of different sizes. In many sectors it is the most important direct channel. The high opening rate and the ability to instantly reach the customer are only some of the advantages of SMS. Statistics show that 90% of messages are read in the first 3 minutes. Meanwhile, the overall SMS opening rate is 98%, which ranks this channel among the leaders in terms of customer reach. If you have not yet made mobile marketing an integral part of their business marketing and you want to see how it works, this article is for you. Listed below, are the key elements that should be taken into account when launching SMS marketing to achieve maximum return and enjoy great results from each campaign.
  1. Database segmentation
When it comes to SMS sending, the availability of information about the customer’s purchasing habits, purchase history and trends is very important. Marketing messages sent out to the entire customer database can contribute to successful results, however customised messages sent using a segmented database will help achieve the highest possible return. The reason for this is that the message will be relevant to the customer if it is aligned with his/her buying habits.
  1. Customer benefits
SMS is one of the most personal communication channels, therefore always make sure the message that you want to send out is relevant and useful to the customer. While most of the SMS messages are sent out for marketing purposes – information about special offers, promotions, sales, new collections, coupons or discount codes – more and more companies choose SMS to inform their customers about important information such as subscription and payment reminders, birthday greetings, invitations, order or purchase status notifications.
  1. Duration of the offer
When sending an SMS campaign, remember that an offer of unlimited length will not be as successful as an offer that is only available for a few days (or even hours). Add phrases like “Valid for 3 days only”, “Today only”, “While stocks last” or similar to the SMS text. Seeing such a message will motivate the customer to make the purchase sooner and avoid delay.
  1. Brief, simple and clear message content
Although the SMS is only 160 characters, the sooner it states the key points, the better. This is why it is recommended to always start the SMS with how the customer will benefit; for example, the amount of the discount. Also note that there is a direct correlation between the amount of discount and the campaign results – a bigger discount always brings better sales results. A short and easy to understand SMS text that clearly states the benefits and is valid for a limited time, is the key to a successful SMS campaign.
  1. Correct communication
SMS messages to the customer should be welcoming, personal and engaging. Too frequent or irrelevant messages will cause the customer to lose interest in the messages sent by the company and perceive such information as annoying and undesirable. So reward your customers’ loyalty by only sending relevant, valuable and well-considered messages. Are you interested? Contact me at [email protected] or call +371 29844799 and let’s create our first SMS campaign together! Wishing you success, Ilze

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