The fastest communication channel in the digital era - SMS.

SMS is the most effective communication channel to engage customers in the activities of the company, promote sales and improve customer satisfaction. It is the only information channel that achieves up to a 99.9% delivery rate and an average read time of 3 minutes. Communication with customers and partners can be surprisingly fast and timely.

The platform

Traffic is simple and easy to understand for everyone - it includes all current functionalities to make sure your SMS campaigns are really efficient and easy to organise.

Excellent and convenient system interface

Easily reached customers

Dynamic SMS content

The message content is adapted to the customer

Scheduling and time settings

Prepare now, send later Select the sending time range and frequency

Statistics and history

Full details about each message

Mobile landing pages (SMS+)

SMS with unlimited visual and virtual content

API connection

Connect it to your system and send SMS automatically

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    Appropriate mobile marketing

    As with any channel of communication, mobile marketing can either be used optimally and efficiently, or inappropriately, thus making the communication inadequate, too frequent and intrusive or, on the contrary, too occasional. Read more

    Mobile marketing does not just consist of SMS sending. Professional marketing specialists carefully plan the activities of this channel and take into account the slightest nuances – day of the week, time of day, audience demographics, the main focus of the information sent, the expected reaction, consistency with campaigns of other channels, etc.

    It is very important to only address those customers who do not object to this type of communication and who have given their consent to it. Addressing an incorrect and unauthorised audience is likely to be ineffective and will instead damage the brand. In any case, any SMS recipient has the right to restrict this communication and opt out of it by contacting the respective service provider. In this case, the business should respect the customer’s request and stop sending messages to the recipient until consent is again given to receive information by SMS.

    More and more companies in Latvia are starting to take advantage of various CRM, CMS or other systems for storing their customer data or managing loyalty programmes. Data on existing or potential customers is extremely precious because it provides an opportunity to segment the recipient pool and adapt the communication content according to various indicators, such as age, gender or location of the customer.