SMS premium

Simple and secure - our SMS Premium micropayment solution allows mobile payments to be received and turns mobile users into paying customers.

The charge for the premium SMS is included in the user’s phone bill. The SMS Premium solution can be used to create other communication solutions when it is necessary to receive information from the user.

Customers appreciate the convenience, privacy and security

Electronic payments from customers, SMS billing service

High payment return and favourable terms of cooperation

Detailed reports on the status of each received SMS, pricing and operators

The ability to use short numbers

Individual consultations and professional customer service

Paid SMS solutions

The incoming paid SMS service solutions ensure the processing of SMS messages sent by users. Depending on the type of project and product, you can choose the required SMS billing (payment) amount, which is included in the user's monthly phone bill. Read more

When planning to use SMS micropayments, take into account that the mobile service provider will withhold a substantial part of the commission fee, making this solution an ideal monetisation tool for the sale of digital products – paid features of websites, posting information on game bonuses, digital ideas.

SMS Premium offers the ability to receive electronic payments from customers who do not use credit cards, do not want to make micropayments using them or wish to avoid the traditional online transaction mechanisms due to the risk of credit card data theft.

Premium SMS also enables voting, donation, participation in raffles and competitions, and ordering of services or goods.