Automatic SMS sending using simple API.

Instant sending of SMS from the company system when important information needs to be communicated to the customer immediately. Creates an automatic communication plan with the customer from the first click until payment.

Instant delivery

Real-time communication with the customer

Delivery reports in your system

Most frequently used for:

Reminders for events, visits, deadlines.
Information about delivery status.
Account statements or changes in data.
SMS surveys immediately after the purchase or visit.
2-factor authentication - an authorisation code sent by SMS in addition to the password for increased security.

Developer-friendly implementation

Sending of SMS and other actions can be implemented by using a simple and clear API interface. Since information is transmitted in HTTP or SMPP, it can be easily implemented in the majority of programming languages.

SMS sending in your company systems.

Using the API connection, the Traffic SMS sending functionality can be easily connected to any other external system. Thus, any company system may be supplemented with the SMS sending functionality Read more

Automatic SMS marketing has become the most popular and most efficient form of sending SMS. Using the SMS API connection, the company creates a functionality for sending and receiving SMS in their system. SMS sending will take place directly from your system and this process can be fully automated. This enables a number of communication problems to be solved in financial, retail, service, catering and other sectors, for example, automatically sending an SMS customer survey after the visit.