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Communication has never been as easy as today. Sometimes, especially in autumn, it can get really depressive and you could start to doubt your marketing communication methods. We made it easier for you, so you don’t need to google it – our team made Top7 list of songs that confirms – there is a point. We hope that it will make your day, so enjoy the list of songs, filled with love and mobile marketing.   Position Nr. 7. “Pet Shop Boys – Email” Communication’s never been as easy as today – these lyrics are melting the ice. Whatever we want to say, we can do it – no boundaries here anymore. Our message can be disclosed in the symbols or different languages and it will reach the person in the speed of light. So, don’t be stingy, just choose the right channel.   In position Nr. 6. meet modern Latvian musician  –  If you are looking for soulmate, probably you have noticed that it is not trendy anymore to approach someone on the street. We use social media for that. However, sending a message still is a tricky thing and sometimes become a very hard decision.  Latvian artist Justs is having the same issue. Listen to his song – “Message to you”   Surprise in the Position Nr.5.As you see, Justs is having one more song in our TOP. This time it is in Latvian, song “Kaut mazliet” (transl. “At least a bit”) but trust us – you will catch the idea just by watching this emotional video. Just a tip from us – when nobody hears you, send a text! 🙂   Position Nr. 4.Jacob Sartorius – “Last text”. This young man, who is standing for Generation Z, shows the significance of texting in his life. In 2017 you don’t have to kill dragon just to prove your love. Just at the end of the day send a text – nowadays this might be the highest approval of love.   And finnally our Top3. In position Nr. 3 meet and greet Latvian performer, who shows – the phone has reached the apogee of its usability. Latvian singer Samanta Tina is associating herself and society with phone and trying to express her proclamation to larger audience by translating her song to Lithuanian – “Aš telefonas”(transl. I’m the phone).   Position Nr. 2. without groundbreaking surprises – In different shopping websites you can see that there are only 9 Fridays left till the Christmas Eve! So, in a conclusion of this Top, we want to put a song for the festive mood. Billy Gilman – “I’m gonna E-mail Santa”   And finally Position Nr. 1. – In memoriam. This Latvian duo is classic! Already in the first seconds of the song you will catch the positive vibes of the song. No deeper philosophy here. Just a song about how good life can be, when you have a low cost mobile phone. Probably the song – “Low cost mobile phone” by Duo Sandra is the reason why everyone in Latvia started to use mobile phones that much.   Want some more? Here is a playlist with songs from all over the world, that will warm every marketers heart. Have a nice weekend!

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