Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum length of one SMS?

    One part of an SMS consists of 160 symbols. If non-standard symbols are used, such as Cyrillic characters or diacritical marks, the number of permitted characters is reduced to 70.

    Tip: You can send an SMS consisting of up to 7 parts. If it is particularly important to communicate more information to the customer, be sure to compose a longer message. Note that each SMS part will be billed separately.

  • What is the SMS sending rate?

    The average SMS sending rate is 5-50 SMS/second. The SMS sending rate can be affected by several external factors, such as the number of activities running concurrently and mobile operator network load.

    Tip: Do not wait until 00:01 on 31 December to send New Year’s greetings to your customers, because at times like these the mobile network load is at its highest and the SMS message may be delayed. Greet your customers and wish them a happy New Year a few hours before midnight!

  • What sender will the customer receive the SMS from?

    Most SMS messages are sent from a personalised verbal sender identity consisting of 11 characters. You can select and create your own sender’s name – most often the company, product or brand name. E-mail campaigns can be sent from any sender’s name and address.

    Tip: Use a recognizable sender’s name to increase the SMS and e-mail opening rate. Your customer will be interested in opening the message upon recognising the company in the sender’s name.

  • Where can I obtain a database? does not collect, store or sell data. SMS or e-mail marketing should be implemented using the customer database built by the company from customers who have agreed to receive commercial information.

    Tip: Create a targeted, systematic data collection, storage, and segmentation strategy. A high-quality database will only enhance your opportunities and success in mobile marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn more about data aggregation solutions.

  • Are statistics available about the SMS messages sent?

    Yes. The system displays the real-time statistics about SMS delivery, number affiliation and other data. The sent SMS campaign data can be downloaded in csv format at any time.

    Tip: Insert an URL link with Google Analytics parameters in the SMS to obtain more detailed data.

  • How do I get started?

    To start using SMS or e-mail marketing, a customer database is necessary. Our managers will help you create a system account and prepare the first campaign.

    Tip: Book a consultation with our expert and learn about how mobile marketing solutions can help your business over a cup of coffee.

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