The Sales.lv Traffic Platform offers the possibility to automate the sending of SMSs by using a simple API (Application Programming Interface.) This enables instant SMS messaging from your system whenever you need to quickly send information to your users/customers.

Send from an application

Receive text messages online

Receive delivery reports

Only few types of usage

Reminders of events, visits, deadlines.
Account statements or changes in data.
SMS surveys immediately after the purchase or visit.
Information about delivery status.
Multi-factor authentication - authorization codes sent by SMS in addition to the passwords and other authentication methods for increased security.
And for any other needs where quick transmission of information to the user is required using alternative channels that are almost always available.


Sending of SMSs and other actions can be implemented by using a simple and clear API interface. Since information is transmitted over HTTP or SMPP, it can be easily implemented in the majority of programming languages. Once you obtain an account in the Sales.lv platform, you will receive an individual key for the use of the API and all required documentation for implementation of API in your system.

About the company

Texti.fi is the leading company in the Baltic messaging market, operating since 2005, with billions of messages sent and thousands of campaigns handled. The main service of our company is SMS messaging. 
Our primary focus is Northern and Eastern Europe but we are able to provide SMS services worldwide. Since we've been in business we've become the SMS company of choice for more thousands of companies, including multinational banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, shopping malls, marketing agencies, government institutions, and even some airlines.