Web messaging

SMS is the most effective communication channel to engage customers in the activities of the company, promote sales and improve customer satisfaction. It is the only information channel that achieves up to 99% open rate and the average read time of 3 minutes. No other communication method is so direct and efficient, and capable of reaching so many of your customers.

Our app

Traffic, our messaging application, is simple and easy to understand for everyone, and it includes all necessary functionality to make sure your SMS campaigns really are efficient and easy to organize.

Excellent and convenient system interface

Easily reached customers

Dynamic SMS content

Address each customer by name and send targeted information with personalized messages

Scheduling and time settings

Prepare now, to send later, select the sending time range and frequency

Statistics and history

Full details about each message and each campaign

Mobile landing sites (SMS+)

Attach unlimited content and images to your SMS messages.

API connection

Integrate text messaging in your application and automate your SMS communication.

About the company

Texti.fi is the leading company in the Baltic messaging market, operating since 2005, with billions of messages sent and thousands of campaigns handled. The main service of our company is SMS messaging. 
Our primary focus is Northern and Eastern Europe but we are able to provide SMS services worldwide. Since we've been in business we've become the SMS company of choice for more thousands of companies, including multinational banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, shopping malls, marketing agencies, government institutions, and even some airlines.