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Automated SMS solutions for your business. API connection with the company system will enable you to send any notifications instantly.

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We deliver SMS messages to more than 180 countries all over the world.

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    Using our Traffic solution, you can deliver information to customers in a matter of seconds. SMS marketing is a powerful driving force in modern business, and when used appropriately and wisely, can substantially increase profits and the visibility of the business. Read more

    Mobile marketing is a set of marketing activities aimed at promoting certain goods and services in the market using mobile devices. Sometimes mobile marketing is referred to as SMS marketing, which is a narrower definition and a part of general mobile marketing.

    In Europe, mobile marketing dates back to around 2000, and in Latvia to 2003. However, SMS sending for business goal purposes only truly gained momentum in 2006/2007. This is linked to global technology development trends, which form the basis of mobile marketing, and it means that we are now talking about a relatively new marketing discipline that is still growing. More and more companies around the world are including this channel of communication in their marketing practice and the number of mobile promotions is growing. This trend is progressive and has all the prerequisites for continued and increased growth in mobile marketing, despite the assumption that it would be replaced by mobile apps.